running muskuloskeletal recovery

A powerful platform for effective clinical decision-making and patient-focused treatments.

A solution created by clinicians for clinicians.

We know how important it is to securely store and manage data while having your patient’s information at your finger tips.

A tool that helps you determine the most effective treatment for your patient.

A patient’s recovery is in everyone’s best interest. Clinicians, insurers, family members and the patient herself, all benefit when the treatment fits.

Kinetikos merges clinical measurements, biomechanical expertise and statistical models to inform the clinician, payer and patient in a simple cloud-based app.

…Thanks to Kinetikos, we have dramatically improved our capabilities to assess movement disorders and improve the care of our patients…

Álvaro Sanchez-Ferro
(MD, Neurologist). Hm Hospitales CINAC, Madrid.
Rui Costa Director of Champalimaud Foundation Research

…relies on state-of-the-art scientific musculoskeletal models and machine learning algorithms…

Rui Costa
Director of Champalimaud Foundation Research
Gonçalo Amorim Testimonial

… a world class founding team bringing top notch research from Stanford and Portugal …

Gonçalo Amorim
Ed. of the BGI program. DIR of the MIT Portugal Program

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