Kinetikos is a digital health company revolutionising the standard of care for Movement Disorders.

We instantly translate patient's movement into clinical insight.

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What we do

Kinetikos solution increases clinical assessment and patient’s experience, via an intuitive cloud-based platform, providing both in-clinic and at home continuum data collection.

We are the first to instantly translate patients movement into clinical insights, giving support in diagnosis, analysis and treatment of Movement Disorders and its related musculoskeletal and neurological conditions.

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Kinetikos wins grant to apply exoskeleton space technology...

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Kinetikos applies ESA’s space technology to the diagnosis of...

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Kinetikos has been selected to join the European Institute of....

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Augment your vision with instantly translated patient’s movement


Support your decisions with accurate and actionable clinic insights


Improve your patients’ quality of life by measuring the success of your deliver

Kinetikos Data
Collection & analysis

centralized data

Centralized Patient Data

Secure and reliable cloud-based system where clinicians have instant access to patient’s data on any web-based device. Data collected provides real-time objective reports that guide clinicians on the most appropriate treatments and likely recovery times.

Data Capture at the Clinic

In-Clinic Data Capture

Data is collected with sensors that quantify patients’ movement and postural signature in less than 3 minutes. An accurate and efficient complement to clinicians’ observation.

Smartphone data capture

Mobile data capture

Kinetikos’ app uses patient’s smartphone sensors to monitor daily activities. The data collected is automatically pushed to the platform allowing clinicians to adjust treatment and communicate with patients.

Our Products

For Healthcare Providers

Kinetikos for Parkinson’s Disease

A clinical support solution for Parkinson’s Disease treatment, that offers clinicians an accurate and continuous objective measurement of patients response, both in-clinic and at home

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What people say about us

Prof. of Neuroscience and Neurology, Columbia Univ., CEO at Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute

Rui Costa

“ Kinetikos is bringing to the market a clinical decision-making support platform for movement-related disorders that relies on state-of-the-art scientific musculoskeletal models and machine learning algorithms – I was amazed by how Kinetikos put it all together! ”

News & Articles

Kinetikos wins grant to apply exoskeleton space technology to the treatment of lower limb impairments.

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Kinetikos applies ESA’s space technology to the diagnosis of motor disorders.

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Kinetikos has been selected to join the European Institute of Innovation and Technology’s Health (EIT Health) “Product/Market Fit” programme.

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Kinetikos was accepted into the GoGlobal Health Accelerator Program of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).

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