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EIT Health - Product/Market Fit programme

Kinetikos has been selected to join the European Institute of Innovation and Technology’s Health (EIT Health) “Product/Market Fit” programme. EIT Health’s “Product/Market Fit” programme has been designed to support the launch of digital health and medical technology companies across Europe. By being a part of this program, Kinetikos will benefit from essential product/market reporting and insights to support Kinetikos’ international expansion.

EIT Health GoGlobal

Kinetikos was accepted into the GoGlobal Health Accelerator Program of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). By being part of this dynamic European network, Kinetikos is at the international forefront of digital diagnosis leaders and recognised as a company of exceptional promise in the promotion of healthy living and improved healthcare. EIT Health GoGlobal recognises Kinetikos’ potential for international expansion, as its product is proved to be effective and in demand - an innovative software that dramatically improves the diagnosis and treatment plans of movement disorder patients in 90% of the cases.


mKinetikos was one of our awarded projects at the INNOLABS 1st Open Call for innovative projects in personalized healthcare. mKinetikos is a mobile app that aims to prevent the most common cause of injury among elderly: the falls. It collects, processes and stores individual’s multidimensional information, including clinical survey and movement-related data collected through elderly adaptive interfaces and clear instructed activities. It delivers a real-time risk of fall assessment and proposes a home-based, subject-centred exercise program, using the latest scientific evidence and data science algorithms.


Kinetikos won the European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre (ESA BIC) call for innovative solutions that use space technologies or systems in a non-space environment with PDtraKer. This mobile app takes advantage of Europe’s GNSS Galileo space technology to map Lifespace in people with Parkinson’s Disease, both indoor and outdoor. It fills the gap between infrequent clinical examinations that do not capture the day-to-day variations of the illness and providing a continuum objective monitoring and allows clinicians to access actionable data in real time.


iWalkU project was one of the awarded projects in the Cross4Health 1st Open Call for cross sectoral teams, addressing one of the C4H identified Challenges. iWalkU project was developed in collaboration with the Austrian Space Forum and FisioManual rehabilitation clinic by combining aerospace and biotechnologies. It provides a web-based platform connected to a unique easy-to-use exoskeleton that allows a safe, remote and effective healthcare to mobility impaired individuals.