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The most complete and widespread patient recovery requires treatments that are both targeted and cost-effective

Recovery is the most desired outcome when it comes to mobility disorders. In addition to a return to normal function and life, a quick and lasting recovery means greater patient independence and productivity, while avoiding riskier and more costly interventions.

Maximizing recovery requires that all relevant medical and scientific research knowledge are brought to bear on patient data that includes personal history and clinical exams with wearable sensors. Kinetikos was born to serve this fundamental need and to deliver streamlined patient assessments (classification) and cross-referencing of treatments to yield the most effective course of action recommendations. For insurers this provides four important benefits:

1. Patients’ risk and treatment stratification;

2. Predictability and less costs with wages, transportation and indemnities;

3. Effectiveness by faster patient recovery;

4. Improved clarity among players.

For insurers Kinetikos is an invaluable partner in the assessment and management of patients with mobility disorders. By availing our services, insurers gain a unique treatment verification and cost projection tool applicable to each case, which adds up to predictable savings across the board.

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