patient recovery

As an health professional, you know the value of the most effective treatment.

Kinetikos speaks the language of clinicians and leverage its services on more than 10 years of research in the mobility disorders field.

Our know-how results in a proposal that, in addition to always being based on the best current clinical practices, meets the optimal treatments for each case. In a simple and clear way our platform puts in your hands a set of information impossible to keep and manage until now.

Kinetikos is:

User-friendly access to scientific validated biomechanics and artificial intelligence tools

Highly accurate real-time reconstruction of patients motion in 3D

Clear clinical data-informed decisions

Patient centricity.

Each patient's data is collected and using artificial intelligence is treated for the benefit of all. Ask for a demonstration and see firsthand the advantages of joining your profissional experience to a service that helps improve the accuracy-of and time-to decision.

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