Turning your data into clinical insight

Instant Access

Built on a cloud-based system, you have instant access to your data through any web-based device. No downloads required or expenses with technical personnel.

Secure and reliable

The information you upload is anonymized, encrypted and stored in compliance with the HIPAA and EU data security requirements. Multiple servers are used to backup your data and ensure that you never lose your information.

Evidence-based outcomes

For each mobility disorder Kinetikos provides you with the most up-to-date and agreed evidence-based set of outcomes.

Accurate mobility reports

Approximately 90% of patients have their treatment plan changed when they have a biomechanical report! Kinetikos provides state-of-the-art mobility reports, based on validated musculoskeletal models that accurately reconstruct patient movement, providing key information that cannot be obtained from observation alone.

Actionable information

Our machine learning algorithms work 24 / 7 to sort, categorize and correct errors in information and distill it into the best knowledge that is referenced against an extensive mobility database. That knowledge is presented in a clear and actionable way to support your clinical decisions.


We are scientists and clinicians at the forefront of musculoskeletal modeling and simulation research applied to mobility disorders. With your annual subscription you get unlimited access to our team to help you improve your patient outcomes at every step of the way.

Our Solution

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