Kinetikos wins a grant from Centro 2020 for Innovation and technological development

Kinetikos won a grant from Portugal2020 - Centro 2020 - Regional Operational Program of the Center, from Portugal2020, to reinforce the investigation, technological development and innovation of Kinetikos4PD, a continuum and integrated person-centered solution that brings scientific accurate movement classification tools to Parkinson’s Disease treatment.

Kinetikos4PD is an information and communications technology (ICT) based solution that addresses the European Union’s societal challenge on 'Health, demographic change, and well-being' by providing a highly innovative and more effective solution that pushes PD therapy and care towards digitalization.

This project aims to:

  • Create a person-centered solution that incorporates the biopsychosocial dimension for the treatment and management of the Parkinson’s Disease;
  • Create a bidirectional communication channel between healthcare professionals, caregivers, and patients;
  • Accurately map the multidimensional Parkinson Disease allowing a wider knowledge about it;

Portugal2020 is the partnership agreement between Portugal and the European Commission, which brings together the five European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF). This project is under CENTRO 2020, a Portugal2020 regional program, that aims to achieve more satisfactory levels of economic, social and territorial cohesion, which means strengthening investment in areas such as competitiveness, research, development, and innovation, with a particular focus on technology transfer and SMEs and knowledge-generating entities.

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