Kinetikos for Parkinson’s Disease

Kinetikos For PD collects patients’ movement data both in-clinic and at home, via an intuitive cloud-based platform. A continuum and integrated person-centred approach that brings scientific accurate movement classification tools to Parkinson’s Disease treatment.


Support your decisions with real-time actionable insights


Get continuum and objective assessments in minutes


Improve your patients’ quality of life and measure the success of your deliver

Lightweight Sensors installed on a person

Easy and instant data collection

It takes only 20 seconds for low-cost sensors to collect data from patients’ movement. Data collected is HIPPA/GDPR compliant and uploaded to a patient-centric platform - CliniK.

Kinematic movement report

Real-time Movement Reports

The platform will generate detailed kinematic movement reports in 3 minutes. This allows you to complement your observation and support clinical decisions, as well as measure the outcomes and the success of the care you deliver.

Daily Tracker of patient’s daily activities

Kinetikos also provides a mobile extension to monitor your patients’ response to treatment. This allows a direct communication with them through alerts, reminders, treatment updates, text messaging, among other features. Check here how PDtraKer works .

Why this approach?

A continuum and integrated approach to Parkinson’s Disease

We are moving towards an effective care, tailored to each Parkinson’s Disease stage and patient needs. You no longer have to rely on patients diaries and on the few moments you spend with them throughout the year. By providing objective movement data to evaluate patients in-clinic and on their daily lives, Kinetikos gives you a clear vision of their response and evolution, easing up your clinical decisions. This continuum follow-up allows your patients to feel safer, followed and focused on their quality of life.

Disrupting health tech

Kinetikos provides the first continuum and person-centered solution, designed to address the unique challenges posed by Parkinson’s Disease therapy and care. By closing the feedback loop in an automatic way, we provide accurate and continuous measure of patients’ response to treatment, with approximately 90% of patients having their treatment changed when clinicians start using Kinetikos platform. Kinetikos is a proven vehicle for clinical effectiveness, quality of life improvement and social burden reduction.

Prof. of Neuroscience and Neurology, Columbia Univ., CEO at Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute

Rui Costa

“ Kinetikos is bringing to the market a clinical decision-making support platform for movement-related disorders that relies on state-of-the-art scientific musculoskeletal models and machine learning algorithms – I was amazed by how Kinetikos put it all together! ”