A cloud-based platform that allows you to access metrics that increase predictability and reduce costs in movement disorders rehabilitation.

Monitoring Patient

Monitor the entire rehabilitation process of your clients

Discharge Forecast Evolution

Get access to metrics that help you predict discharges

Discharge Forecast Evolution

Reduce your costs and process claims more efficiently


Get access to your clients’ data and monitor treatment evolution benchmarks and predictions. Data can be collected both in-clinic and at home through their smartphones.

Evolution reports

It is now easy and transparent for you to know the current state of the treatment at all times. Clinical and biomechanical data is delivered to you through a customisable dashboard.

Communication Channel

You can also use built-in channels to improve your communication with health providers.

Why this approach?

Towards a more efficient treatment

Kinetikos solution allows a common ground of communication between insurers and health providers, giving you a bigger picture of your clients’ treatment. Kinetikos combines artificial intelligence and accurate biomechanic models into actionable insights that guide clinicians on the most appropriate treatment and likely recovery times. Being a proven vehicle for clinical effectiveness, approximately 90% of patients have their treatment plan changed when clinicians had access to a Kinetikos’ report, leading to a cost reduction.

Follow-up and predict

Kover allows you to follow-up the entire rehabilitation process, from the first clinical assessment to discharge. The metrics provided quantify your clients’ treatment progress and give you a prognosis of discharge - which empowers you to determine patients’ risk, treatment costs and better manage your claim process.