A mobile app that allows you to follow your patient’s daily activities and enhance their quality of life.

mKinetikos dashboard interface.

Easy and instant data collection

mKinetikos uses the sensors from patients’ smartphone to collect data, which allows patients to be monitored continuously with no action from their side.

Proprietary machine learning algorithms characterise patients' movement and postural signatures, capturing daily variations of symptoms.

mKinetikos patient health survey interface.

Direct Interaction with your patients

mKinetikos enables you to communicate directly with your patients outside the clinic through alerts, reminders, treatment updates, text messaging.

You can also select the information that is collected, such as asking for a given question to be answered at a given day/time or asking for a test to be performed.

Pocketed smartphone tracking walking persons movement.

Movement Tracking

Data collected is automatically pushed into CliniK platform. Functional mobility of patients is analysed in minutes, allowing you to have instant access to your patients response and quickly react accordingly, updating medication prescription or simply to communicate with them.

Why this approach?

Effective solution for patients

With few medical appointments per year, patients often feel the lack of monitoring and that their diaries don’t reflect what actually happens in their daily lives. By using mKinetikos and being able to communicate directly with clinicians, patients feel safer, followed continuously and focused on living their lives better.

Effective solution for clinicians

Relying on patients’ subjective and sporadic feedback is not enough to make a correct measurement of their evolution, which leads to frustration from both sides. Kinetikos solution is a proven major breakthrough to deliver an effective care tailored to each Parkinson’s Disease stage and patient's needs. By providing a mobile-based extension platform, it enables a continuous and remote health care that fills the gap between treatment sessions, providing a more effective treatment.