Kinetikos for Musculoskeletal Disorders

Kinetikos solution increases clinical assessment, via an intuitive cloud-based platform, by providing actionable insights based on validated musculoskeletal models that accurately reconstruct patient movement.


Support your decisions with real-time actionable insights

Movement Model

Get access to 3D musculoskeletal models that instantly translate patients’ movement


Monitor your patient’s evolution and adjust treatments

Easy and instant data collection

It takes only 20 seconds for low-cost sensors to collect data from patients’ movement. Data collected is HIPPA/GDPR compliant and uploaded to a patient-centric platform - CliniK.

Realtime Movement

Real-time Movement Reports

The platform will generate detailed kinematic movement reports in 3 minutes. This allows you to complement your observation and support clinical decisions, as well as measure the outcomes and the success of the care you deliver.

Kinematic Biofeedback

Kinetikos provides an extended solution called Biofeedback that determines the position and orientation in 3D of a body in a space. It allows you to have real-time feedback of the tasks being performed and make clinical decisions accordingly.

Why this approach?

Motion Analysis and ultramodern reports

Kinetikos solution allows you to benefit from insights drawn from objective measurements of patient’s motion and existing vast clinical data sets. The data collected is then translated into state-of-the-art mobility reports, based on validated musculoskeletal models that accurately reconstruct patient’s movement, providing key information that complements your observation.

Towards a more efficient treatment

Kinetikos combines artificial intelligence and accurate biomechanic models into actionable insights that guide you on the most appropriate treatment and likely recovery times. Being a proven vehicle for clinical effectiveness, approximately 90% of patients have their treatment plan changed when clinicians had access to a Kinetikos’ report. Besides improving patients’ quality of life improvement, it also has demonstrated results in treatment cost reduction.

Head of Physiotherapy at Sport Lisboa e Benfica Professional Football

Telmo Firmino, Sport Physiotherapist

“ We have incorporated KInetikos system in our Football training and rehabilitation activities to measure what previously has been unquantifiable. Kinetikos is allowing us to analyse throughout the season athletes’ risk of LCA injury, and important biomechanical alterations in their Football-related movements like kicking, sprinting, change of direction and others. All this information is bringing us new insights and supporting our clinical decisions. ”