About us

The Team

We have over two decades of combined experience in Sales, Business Strategy, Engineering musculoskeletal models and simulation software and applying artificial intelligence to clinical research in mobility disorders.

Our awarded team's scientific activity totals more than 75 presentations in National and International conferences, more than 50 published peer-reviewed papers among conferences proceedings and international journals, and an active collaboration as manuscript reviewers in the some of the main clinical and biomechanics journals (e.g., Journal of Biomechanics).

Ricardo Matias

Founder, Head of Research and Innovation

PhD in Human Kinetics (University of Lisbon, Portugal), Postdoc in Machine Learning in Biomechanics (University of Lisbon, Portugal), BSc (Honors) degree in Physiotherapy (Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal, Portugal).

For the last decade I have been using biomechanics and machine learning to help unveil what produces healthy and pathological movements. Through Kinetikos we will make these tools available for clinicians.

Luís Rodrigues

Co-Founder, Head of Strategy and Finance

Postgraduate courses in Executive Advanced Management Programs (Catholic University - Portugal & Business School - University of Navarra) — BSc in Computer Science.

Following an initial entrepreneur experience, I spent almost two decades in ICT multinational organisations, driving sales and growth, something I’m really passionate about.

Ana Clemente

Pre-Sales & Support

MSc in Physiotherapy in Musculoskeletal Disorders (Health School, Polythecnic Institute of Setúbal, Portugal), BSc in Physiotherapy (Health School of Alcoitão, Portugal).

I am a physiotherapist with more than 10 years of experience in movement disorders. Curious by nature and a strong defender of evidence-based practice, in Kinetikos I can contribute to develop the ideal tools for the best and most effective clinical practice.

Cristina Miguel

DPO, Legal Counselling

Law Degree in Faculdade de Direito Universidade de Lisboa.

I have practiced Law for the past 26 years believing I can improve some people’s lives. With Kinetikos I have the opportunity to verify how Science has the obligation to achieve a better quality of life, and strongly defending Health as fundamental and inalienable human right.

Jessy Lauer


PhD in Biomechanics (University of Porto - Portugal & University of Savoie Mont Blanc de Chambéry - France); MSc in Biomechanics: Exercise, Sport, Health, Handicap (University of Savoie Mont Blanc, France); BSc in Human Movement Science (University of Savoie Mont Blanc, France).

Despite my graduation in Exercise, Sport and Health, it was in the development of the world-first numerical tools to evaluate the load on the musculoskeletal system that I decided to focus my work, contributing to innovation in this area and the development in rehabilitation.

João Proença

Backend Developer

PhD candidate in Biomedical Engineering (Nova University of Lisbon, Portugal), MSc in Biomedical Engineering (Nova University of Lisbon, Portugal).

Contributing to the development in rehabilitation is what moves me, especially if I feel that I can improve someone’s life. A lot can be done and it is through Kinetikos that I want to make it happen.

Lucian Radu

Data Scientist

PhD in Mathematics (University of Lisbon, Portugal), BSc in Mathematics (University of Vest din Timişoara, Romania).

I have an innate curiosity about how things work, coming up with new ideas for resolving a problem. With a mathematical and statistical background I am helping Kinetikos turning data into knowledge.

Sara Alberto


MSc in Biomedical Engineering, Biomechanics (Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal), Postgraduate course in Software Engineering & Information Systems (Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal).

Developments in rehabilitation techniques can have a great impact in people's quality of life. With a passion for biomechanics and technology, Kinetikos gives me the opportunity to contribute to innovative projects that will truly change clinical practice and benefit someone. 

Sara Santos

PR & Communication

BSc in Public Relations and Corporate Communication (School of Communication and Media Studies, Portugal)

I have been working in PR & Communications for seven years and I truly believe that communication connects people and empowers them to achieve more in life. At Kinetikos I have the opportunity to spread the message about innovative projects that can contribute to improve the quality of life of millions of people.

Vanda Carvalho


I see as a goal to define continuous process improvements, building consensus, recognizing and accelerating my strengths and conquer any obstacles. Healthcare and biomechanics are my passions, in particular the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders and my main objective is to contribute to improve peoples’ health and quality of life. With a curious mind and a passion for science in general, I’m always eager to learn more and expand my horizons.

Advisory Board

Rui Costa DVM, PhD

Advisory Board Member

Associate Director & Chief Executive Officer, Zuckerman Institute, Columbia University, NY. Professor of Neuroscience, Columbia University, NY, USA. Director, Champalimaud Foundation Research, Portugal. President, American-Portuguese Biomedical Research Fund, USA. Vice-President, Portuguese Society for Neuroscience.

Rui Costa awarded research is focused on the neurobiology of action in health and disease, with a special focus on movement disorders, such as Parkinson’s Disease.

Joaquim Ferreira MD, PhD

Advisory Board Member

Associate Professor of Neurology and Clinical Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine University of Lisbon (FMUL), Portugal Head of Laboratory of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, FMUL Past Chair of the Movement Disorder Society (European Section) Head CNS - Campus Neurológico, Portugal

Joaquim Ferreira is an international expert in Parkinson’s Disease. His research is focused on the development of effective and safe therapeutic interventions through the establishment of optimised methodologies for the design, conduction, analysis and report of clinical trials.