Álvaro Sanchez-Ferro

(MD, Neurologist)

Hm Hospitales CINAC, Madrid.

Kinetikos is a carefully designed and valid platform for the objective evaluation of patients with movement disorders. We use it for both the clinic and also the research setting. At CINAC, we have been able to evaluate the gait and motion of a substantial number of early stage Parkinson’s disease patients. As we expected, we confirmed the correspondence of the analyses with our clinical impression. What is yet more important, Kinetikos uncovered a whole new world of features that were not evident to us with standard evaluations. Specifically, the technology allowed us to perform gait analysis that could only previously be achieved at very specialized facilities. Thanks to Kinetikos, we have dramatically improved our capabilities to assess movement disorders and improve the care of our patients

Rui Costa Director of Champalimaud Foundation Research

Rui Costa

Prof. of Neuroscience and Neurology, Columbia Univ.
CEO at Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute.

Kinetikos is bringing to the market a clinical decision-making support platform for movement-related disorders that relies on state-of-the-art scientific musculoskeletal models and machine learning algorithms – I was amazed by how Kinetikos put it all together!

António Gaspar sports physical therapy

António Gaspar

Sports physical therapy expert

Portuguese National Team

For at least two decades, I have wanted to compare my patient athletes’ post-injury to pre-injury movement as a basis for restoring optimal health and performance. In an enormous leap forward, Kinetikos delivers a solution we can use in the clinic and on the training field to measure and log athletic performance on a regular basis and to compare performance across time and individuals. For the first time, athletes that are injured will have a blue-print of their “normal” performance that we can target with training and therapy. Kinetikos is now a critical tool in our daily clinical practice enabling us to look for the onset of injury and accelerate return to sport.

Gonçalo Amorim Testimonial

Gonçalo Amorim

Director of the Building Global Innovators program.

Director of the MIT Portugal Program.

Kinetikos is one of those cases where one quickly realises that you are on to something: a world class founding team bringing top notch research from Stanford and Portugal with the right business acumen. The team is at the heart of a technological disruption in AI-assisted monitoring and clinical decision-making that is targeted at musculoskeletal disorders – affecting more people worldwide than cancer and heart-disease combined.

Manuel Tânger Co-founder & Head of Innovation of Beta-i

Manuel Tânger

Co-founder & Head of Innovation of Beta-i

Kinetikos are on to something big! They’ve got all the right pieces in the right place at the right time: super competent team with amazing culture, a crisp value proposition and a product that can revolutionise mobility disorders rehabilitation, its accuracy and, in the end our health!


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